Windows Phone: Socialbox Live Now Available [Download] [Video] !!

       SocialBox Live (Created by BareBones Dev) is the first and only application on Windows Phone that permits consumers to find other consumers of Microsoft’s WP OS with the same Xbox Live games.

The App considers one of the fastest application for Windows Phone when it comes to messaging from a push notification, claims the developer… Excluding the fact that it permits clients to find other players’ gamertags, SocialBox Live provides users with the option to message players.

It is known that the application features a Metro interface and includes push notifications / live tile… The latter permits clients to find out who sent them a friend request, and even displays new messages from friends… As a free download, SocialBox Live is now available via Marketplace and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Windows Phone 7.5 and higher.

With SocialBox you can:

** Find other players’ gamertags
** List all the games you own
**IM/message people
** Awesome live tile and push notifications!

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