Small Chance of Apple Releasing iOS 5.1.2 to Patch SMS Flaw, According To Pod2g !!

      The well known iPhone hacker, Pod2g has presented a few helpful keys for people on Softpedia web site regarding his SMS spoofing discovery as of late.

We had lately estimated that Apple might launch iOS 5.1.2 in order to patch the flaw before someone takes advantage of it… Pod2g persists that there’s very little chance of that… “I think it’ll be fixed in iOS  6 final, as it is not remote code execution, it’s not that urgent,” as stated by Pod2g told.


About the bug, he hasn’t contacted Apple, he added that  his discovery cannot be used to poke a hole in iOS for a future jailbreak.

He also wrote down, “I don’t consider SMS spoofing to be that dangerous,” which is almost certainly why he didn’t bother Apple with it… A statement, has been released by Apple regarding Cyril’s discovery.

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