iPhone & iPad: Fring iOS 6.1… Download [Free] !!

      On Apple’s varied scope of devices, Popular VoIP communications app fring is finally supported natively, counting the iPad and the newest version of the iPhone which possesses a longer screen.

The free software (version 6.1.0) at the present adds phone number registration (instead of username / password) much like WhatsApp, and conveys multi-device login options, permitting you to use the same phone number login on any number of devices…  The application now runs in a natural manner on all iPads and the iPhone 5.


        The user interface has been improved a bit, inserting a new horizontal screen scroll feature, and they’ve also comprised the skill to see all call members in group call history…   In this version, the usual bag of fixes is also incorporated.

Download Fring iOS 6.1 (Free)

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