iPhone 5 / Verizon: Out-of-the-Box The Device Comes Unlocked !!

       Today, Verizon clients who rushed to their carrier’s stores to purchase the new iPhone 5 handset from Apple were in for a treat…  The device was detected to be unlocked out-of-the-box for use on GSM networks, it means that  it would work with nano-SIM cards from AT&T and T-Mobile as well. 

Without access to its LTE service, a number of clients have already tested this and report successful attempts to connect to AT&T’s network…  Nevertheless, HSPA+ connectivity works, which is still better than 3G. The handset should accept T-Mobile nano-SIMs as well, while offering support for this carrier’s fast network.

All iPhone 5 models will come unlocked although purchased with Verizon contracts, delivering additional freedom to their users…  As stated by idownloadblog, Verizon reps by now verified that the device is indeed unlocked and that it could be used on another carrier’s network.

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