iPhone 5: Few Steps to Fix Wi-Fi Issues !!

      The iPhone 5 has Wi-Fi problems, this said by many Apple customers writing on the company’s official forum…  At the same time as some clients haven’t experienced any issues, thousands appear to have as a minimum one complaint regarding the phone’s wireless connectivity.

The fix is comparatively simple, as said by clients who tried to troubleshoot the issue on their own…  Switch your router from WPA/WPA2 over to WEP, that is all what you are advised to do.

Actually, it isn’t clear whether this is a software-bound problem, or rather relating to the hardware…  If it’s the last, clients will have little to do except maybe try to get a replacement iPhone 5 from Apple…  Apple’s upcoming iOS 6.1 is likely to fix the issue, that is in case the issue is software-related…  

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