iPad, iPhone and iPod: iTeleport iOS 6.1.3… Download !!

       The VNC & RDP App (iTeleport) that allows you entrance (access) to your computer from anywhere in the globe, has received a speedy repairs update that merits your greatest attention as an existing client.  

You most likely expect a decent experience from such App in case you will to pay $24.99/€21.99 on a piece of iOS software to control your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC from anywhere in the world…  In case you’ve been suffering a number of black screens as of late, be sure that iTeleport 6.1.3 will fix this…  It is most likely what iTeleport Inc. was considering when it picked up of your dilemma with the App.

In this update, the App also fixed an issue where certain character sets were not performing properly in the compose window… On downloading the new version you’ll be able to teleport yourself back to your computer in seconds…  The App (iTeleport) is well-matched with any iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad model that supports iOS 4.3… In addition  the App is improving efficiency for iPhone 5. 

Download iTeleport iOS

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