iOS 7.0.4 is About to be Released !!

         From Cupertino, California, a new update of iOS 7 is about to be addressed with Security bugs, graphical glitches, battery drainage, and other issues…   This update is likely to be available no later than this week.    


Clients who are using iOS 7 have mixed feelings about Apple’s new, flat software, and while most of its features are certainly novel and helpful, not all are behaving properly…   It’s a general event whenever Apple releases a major new version of an operating system. Up to now, Apple has launched three additional updates (iOS versions 7.0.1, 7.0.2, and 7.0.3) to alleviate some woes, but more patching is necessary…   On the word of server logs published by MacRumors, Apple is ramping up iOS 7.0.4 testing in what might be a good indication that the bits are about to roll out in a matter of days.

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