Dangerous Bugs, iOS 6.1.3 Has to Fix !!

Apple, in recent times, released iOS 6.1.2 addressing a single Exchange bug, in spite of widespread reports of several other issues inherent to iOS 6…  The company is known to be actively testing iOS 6.1.3 internally.

After corporate users began reporting important issues with iOS 6 connectivity involving Microsoft’s Exchange service, Apple pushed out a software update to address said flaw…  Several other issues, nevertheless, had also been reported prior to the release of iOS 6.1.2, seemingly giving Apple enough time to address those bugs as well… The company seems that rushed out iOS 6.1.2 with the aforementioned Exchange bugfix without even attempting to address a widely reported security flaw involving the passcode lock…  According to gottabemobile.com: “…  while iOS 6.1.2 promised to fix the issue, we’ve talked to several Exchange users who claim that they are still experiencing severe battery drain and worse,” the blog reports…  Developers, on February 22, were handed the latest iOS 6.1.3 beta…  The company, as it appears, is taking longer than anticipated to release the final bits to the general population.


As said by the same source, iOS 6.1.2 suffers from a second security flaw that Apple needs to patch in iOS 6.1.3…  A recent bug “accessed in similar fashion, turns the iPhone screen black and allows users to plug the phone in using a USB cord and view photos and contact information in iTunes without having to bypass the lockscreen passcode,” as stated by the report.

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