Apple iOS 6 Release Moves Toward Its Date: September 21 !!

      The company’s latest mobile operating system, the iOS 6, Various users of Apple products will soon get to upgrade their iOS 5.1.1 to the new one (the iOS 6).

On September 21, the upgrade may take place if rumors of the launch of Apple’s biggest product to date, the so called iPhone 5, is indeed true… The September 12 – a day Apple will make ‘huge’ announcements according to various media agencies that have cited a “source familiar with the plan.”

The launch of iPhone 5 itself will be great news for a the mass of Apple users since it will usher in the new iOS 6, which according to Apple, the upgrade will be free.

It’ll be good news for the ‘ mass ‘ of Apple users and not ‘all’ Apple users because the iOS 6 upgrade will only be available for the following products:

** iPhone 3GS

** iPhone 4

** iPhone 4S

** iPad 2

** The new iPad

** iPod touch 4th Generation

Apple, few months ago, made the announcement that the iOS 6 was scheduled for a fall release and as various rumors have confirmed the devices unveiling in during the next few weeks, everything is aligning beautifully for Apple to introduce what’ll be its newest flagship smartphone.

It is still unclear if iOS 6 will be available to everyone on the day the iPhone 5 is launched or not… Possibly Apple will stay a significant time before launching the platform to the general public in order to privilege those buying the iPhone 5 once it gets released… TechCrunch has get information from a Verizon employee that the company would not allow employees to take breaks during September 21-30. What does this mean? It could mean, “All hands on deck, we’re going to need the manpower to meet the demand for the iPhone 5.”

Mobilcom Debitel, the German Carrier has made an statement in Germany via its website of a “new generation of smartphone” it says it will be released in September… A step further, It takes to hint that this new device will come from the line of iPhones with an image in its site displaying a veil covering what closely resembles an iPhone (notice the Apple home button?).

iMore claims to have even more solid verification that the iPhone 5 will be revealed by Apple on September 12, with pre-orders beginning on the same day… The date of release in the United States is 9 days later, on September 21.

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