Apple Improves Maps App For iOS 6 Using Its Retail Stores !!

      Apple is leading an agenda to tap into its huge number of retail store employees to help develop the company’s new Maps app for iOS 6…  Information on the scheme is vague, but various sources have pointed out that participating stores will contribute 40 hours of staff time per week.

Recently, the site ifoAppleStore posted a Tweet verifying the scheme.

What procedures will be used to examine the data, it is unknown exactly whether it simply be side-by-side comparisons with Google Maps data or if more complicated efforts such as in-person verification will be used.


Since the launch of Apple’s Maps app for iOS 6, Apple has received significant criticism…  Apple CEO Tim Cook finding it necessary to publish an open letter late last week to apologize for the app’s shortcomings and to suggest alternative mapping solutions while Apple works to improve its own maps…  


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